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How it all started...
I have to say that if there is a book that helped me get into
this mess (programming) then it would have to be Richard Graves and David Graves' Book "A Beginners Guide to the ZX Spectrum".
Their book got me more than curious, and, to put the final nails in the coffin, destiny delivered into my young hands Andrew Nelson's "Creating Adventure Games on your Computer".
I was now certifiably hooked on this thing called programming. I wanted to know it all. It was 1988 and I was 10. I would still have to wait 2 full years for my first computer, an IBM PS/1... the rest is history !


Beginning Visual C++ 6
Ivor Horton
Visual C++ is THE language to learn. This is where the magic gets done.
Ivor Horton's book introduced me to a hole new world. C++ is here,
and is here to stay. After reading 40% of this book you will be ready to go
out on your on, and start programming things out of the scope of the book.
You could, like I did, proceed to LaMothe's Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus.

Beginning Java 2
Ivor Horton

There are many discussions these days regarding Java.
One of the really big questions right now is:
"Will Java survive Windows XP?". The question arrises from the
fact that due to Sun's lawsuit against MicroSoft, Microsoft won't be
bundling Java with the release of their new OS, wXP.
About the book, its veru faithful to what Horton has gotten us acostumed to,
its well written, has good structure, and will take you were you want to go.

Beginning Visual Basic 6
Peter Wright
One of the things that sticks out with VB is its simplicity. Its one of its
major attributes. Many Windows Programming newbies flock to this
Being simple can also be a drawback, because everyone start believing
that you can't do REAL programming with it.
This book shows you things I bet you haven't seen before, and explains
how tricks of the trade get done.

Tricks of The Windows
Game Programming Gurus
André LaMothe
Taking a newbie programmer through the swamps of Windows Game
Programmer seems to be the expertise of LaMothe. He does it often
and well. You won't be disapointed with this book. I'm a Turbo Pascal
veteran (was there a war?) and windows programming seemed a nightmare.
Ivor Horton and LaMothe saved me from DOS. They will save you too...

Windows Game Programming
for Dummies
André LaMothe
Hungry Minds
The young brother of TWGPGurus (above), this could be said to be
the cut-down version of TWGPG. Having said that its pretty obvious
that if you have the money, don't buy this one, buy the bigger one,
but please, don't buy them both, as I did!

Artificial Intelligence (3rd Ed)
Patrick H Winston
Addison Wesley

Well, the name pretty much says it all, no?
The book is a comprehensive jorney into the world of artificial intelligence
in its many day-to-day uses.
Be warned though, this is not a book about Game A.I., this book
belongs more in an AI cientist' library, as a resource.

Protected Mode
Software Architecture
Tom Shanley

One of the things I learned during my excursions into the hardcore
programming world was Assembly Language. This took me to other
things, one of them, operating system programming.
I never got around to build my own OS (bill thanked me for that), but,
if I ever resumed my work, I would need this book.
This book is probably the best book out there about Protected Mode
Programming, Memmory Addressing and other super complex stuff.
I got amazed at how simple everything is layed out. PM is really complex,
but the book just explains it slowly, and I must say, it gets the job very well
done. A must buy if you're planing on doing anything related.

Advanced Animation
and Rendering Techniques
Theory and Practice
Alan Watt
Mark Watt
Addison Wesley

This book does a superb work of explaining complex graphics-related
mathmatical procedures and Theories.
Be aware though, that the book isnt real-time-graphics oriented. Its more
and in-depth coverage of graphical algorithms and their implementation.
Read this if you are a seasoned real time graphics programmer, and want to
further your knowledge into graphics algorithms, or if you want to build a
Ray Tracer.

Computer Graphics
Principles and Practice

Foley; van Dam; Feiner; Hughes
Addison Wesley

Do you know what a Voxel is?
Well, whatever I said about "Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques"
I can say here, but I point out that this is much more a "wanna do a ray tracer?"
kindda book, so...
Again, lots of graphics related math well explained, and encyclopedic coverage.

Game Programming

Mark DeLoura (edited by)
Charles River

Haa... A book about Games from the Industry Gurus themselfs.
This is pure candy. You need to be a Game programmer to know how
difficult and technical Game Programming is.
LaMothe describes it as the most difficult computer science. Now, to help
us out, the sages shared their knowledge. The book is divided into sections:
- Programming Techniques
- Mathematics
- Artificial Intelligence
- Polygonal Techniques (and)
- Pixel Effects
I have the HardCover version, and I must say this is one of the best looking
books I own.

Game Programming
Gems II

Mark DeLoura (edited by)
Charles River

Well, I haven't this one yet, but its ordered.
This one contains new 70 articles on diverse topics. Written by game programming experts, each contribution provides a hands-on solution to a programming problem.
Six comprehensive sections, including an all new section on audio programming, provide techniques that expert developers can implement immediately and intermediate to beginning programmers can use to expand their skills and knowledge. This is a must-have reference that contains the wisdom and experiences of over 40 seasoned game developers.

Mastering Maya 3

John Kundert-Gibbs, Peter Lee
Perry Harovas

Maya is one of the best tools (if not the best) for creating
Computer Generated images. If you saw Star Wars Episode 1, then
you saw Maya at work. Its a very powerful, and complex tool.
This book helps the graphics artist learn or perfect techniques used
in modeling, texturing, etc...

Inside LightWave [6]

Dan Ablan
New Riders

If Maya has raw power, LightWave has the best Modeler.
As you can see by the cover, LightWave is a very powerful modeling
tool, and the results are visible.

Creating Motion Graphics
with Adobe After effects

Trish & Chris Meyer

After effects is the tool to use when you need to do any kind of video
manipulation. Its that simple.
And it gets simpler when we have veterans like Trish and Chris Meyer
explaining it to us.
One thing that stands out in this book is the fact that every photo is in
color, and as I go through the book, I can't find a single page without at
least 1 picture in it. Its very graphical. That makes a diference.

OpenGL SuperBible
(2nd ed)

Richard S. Wright, Jr.
Michael Sweet
Waite Group

One thinks of OpenGL and Quake III springs to mind.
Can you do better than Q3? Maybe not, but with this book, I assure you
that you're on your way to dethroning John Carmack.
Let's just hope Carmack didn't get a copy of it too...

Beginning Direct3D
Game Programming

Wolfgang F. Engel
Amir Geva

This is a great book, but I must stress the "Beginning" word in the title.
Just don't expect to learn everything 3D out of this book.
If your expectations are like mine, to start learning one of the best
3D graphics API there is, and do some simple-to-average stuff, then you'll be
very satisfied with this book.

Multiplayer Game

Todd Barron


I got this book just recently, and I must say that, although I haven't gone
through the multiplayer code writing chapters, the chapters with
windows programming primes are very well built.
I've read everything up until the first code threads start apearing, and
everything is well exlpained.
I plan on writing a better review once I have a "feel" for the rest of the book.

Game Design:
The Art and Business of
Creating Games

Bob Bates

I loved this book. This book shows the industry-inexperienced what
defines a game programming team, what people are needed, at what
stages of development, etc...
The main chapters are "Design", "Teams", "Development" and

Game Design:
Secrets of the Sages

Mark Saltzman (editor)
Brady Games

This one just came in the door.
I read it for 15m now, and looks kool, well designed, people
seem to say intelligent things. I'm not very impressed though, all they say
is quite logical. Write a Design Doc, listen to new ideas, write an engine
or buy one? They answer those things.
I'll have to write a better review later, but I think I can recommend this book.

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