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. December 09th 2001

A month ago I made the decision of cleaning up UniteK's website of all those stupid adds,
and make it a place where the user can actually enjoy a site dedicated to the Games-Making

I'm proud to say that it is now a reality.
UniteK dies, and Positronic Dreams is born.

The goal of the Team reamins the same, a place to centralize information, help young coders,
and develop our own capabilities.

"The King is dead! Long live the King!"


. November 09th 2001
  I've decided the Site is not what I had in mind originally.
Therefore I'm committing some financial resources into it to improve it.
I want visitors to experience a WebSite free of stupid adds, and rich
with information.

Any Flash 5 creators out there?

. September 15th 2001
  Its hard to do any work when such events hit us. I am talking about the US terrorist attack, of course.
I want to finish the HoloCube Design Document, and the story for the Pandorian Rebellion project, still
this week, while I'm still on vacation.
Its official, I am now the proud owner of an iPAQ Pocket PC 3660, which is very cool, and I carry around
everywhere I go (ok, almost everywhere... ;-)
I hope we will be able to bring HoloCube into the Pocket PC arena. The game isn't very processor or
graphics demanding, so, it would be perfect as a cross-platform project. Targeting the GameBoy Advance
sems too complex, but coding in the PPC is easy, via a MSVC++ environment designed for that purpose.
In a more personal note, I just hope the terrorists get what they deserve, and that we can all go
back into our daily affairs.
This might sound exagerated, but I think the whole world is still in a state of shock.
Have a good week, and be safe.

. September 5th 2001
  My birthday is at the 10th, I'm buying myself an iPAQ 3660, a pocket PC. Games can be developed
for this small but powerful machine. Also, because I'm the proud owner of 2 GameBoy Advance
I'll buy myself a development kit (just not the official one, that one is just way too expensive...)
Sometime soon, I'll change the site to reflect our cross-platform development policy.
I'll be on vacation from the 10th to the 23rd of this month, so, stay alert for updates.

. August 30th 2001
  Put some stuff up, like the Downloads page, and Tutorials page.
Hope people enjoy the clean look. Its something I strive for.
I also got rid of the resizing code. People were having trouble with it.
I hope now that the site skeleton is almost complete I can relax about the site and concentrate some energy on doing other stuff.
Hope somebody contributes something. Its lonely up here!

August 23rd 2001

Blizzard Released a new .Mp3, "WarCraft: A Call to arms."
Go get it! Its excellent!


August 19th 2001

Microsoft DirectX Meltdown is currently under way...
What are you waiting for? Go there too!


August 10th 2001
  URGENT: GameDev.Net, the excelent game development site is in trouble. They're accepting donations. If you love GDNet as much as I think you do, and if you can
afford to do so, please help them out with a contribution. Even 1 dollar helps.
Lets help those that have helped so many...

August 09th 2001
  Yurray! The site is up again! I will soon reveal the Design Document for our next game.
I think everybody will love it, and the audience is almost unlimited.

August 08th 2001
  Project "Eggs" just got canned. But not forever. This decision was based on the fact that I feel
the team does not have enough experience to go into such a complex endeavour.
Once we flex our programming muscle a bit more, you can count on me to bring "Eggs" alive !!! ;-)